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San Francisco magazine writer dives into foodie kids books

Let us compost, February 26, 2018
Leslie Crawford had a the dream job of rom-com film land...Senior Editor at San Francisco magazine, having lattes and laughs with her co-workers amidst spectacular views of the Bay. But somehow her backyard changed from chrome table tops to pigeon coops...and she's super happy about it.

How do you talk to kids about where meat comes from?

Stone Pier Press, March 1, 2018
I've written a children’s book about a pig who barely escapes ending up as bacon. Sprig the Rescue Pig was inspired by the true story of a pig who leaps from a farm truck, forever changing the course of his life. But it’s also something of a fairy tale given the many millions of pigs living in abysmal conditions on factory farms. Having discovered the many incredible qualities of pigs, including learning they’re about as smart as a three-year-old child and highly emotional, I will never eat bacon again.