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This is my glam shot taken for my book promotions. I got my hair blown out at the San Francisco Pacific Heights place where they seem to have that Anne Hathaway movie in which she’s a princess on a loop. Messaging: You will look like a princess! Miraculously, a good blow-out does do wonders (see above), as does getting free make-up next door at the British cosmetic store where lipstick costs $40. And I actually bought some that day, even though no one should buy lipstick for $40. But I did. Marketing works.

So now that we have that straight, that the above may not be the me who is usually plonked down, hair in bun and glasses on, in front of my laptop writing copy for a company or stories for a website. The real me who has been writing for over 20 years now may not always be so coiffed but I do have something less fleeting and more rare. A confidence in writing and editing that comes with that years of experience. I have mastery over content and the kind of bravado and joy that comes with doing it for long enough that I can ski the writing moguls with confidence, taking risks and doing the unexpected. I know what I’m good at (and not so good at, like remembering to always put more money in the meter than you ever will think you need).

I am an idea machine, whether that’s for branding or editorial content. I’m not punny, but I cling a mean subject subject line and can capture the brilliance of your product. I am a passionate writer and editor and know how to take your brand and content to a new level that is original, unexpected and suits you entirely.


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